Today's software applications have different expectations and requirements than in the past. Greater availability, flexibility, fault tolerance, scalability, and dependability are all desired. Organizations that wish to enhance their agility and maintain their software applications closely connected with their business goals and market prospects may demand continuous delivery and simplicity of deployment. We are developing architecture paradigms based on the following patterns to suit the demands and expectations of modern applications:

  • • Monolithic Architecture
  • • Microservice Architecture
  • • Serverless Architecture
  • • Cloud Native Applications


    A key component of ensuring a quality user experience, is still an essential part of the broad and multidisciplinary field of human – digital interaction. No company would embark on a new venture into software development without carefully contemplating how to provide a good user experience. As our field advances, more and more technology businesses are adopting usability engineering principles and investing in complex user experiences. We construct highly interactive software applications using an iterative process of design, mock-up, and evaluation, taking into the account following market's requirements and competitive nature.

  • • Information architecture
  • • Conceptual model design
  • • Page design standards
  • •A well thought UX design
  • • Long-term viability (longitudinal, experienced,steady state)
  • • Learnability
  • • Retainability
  • • Advanced feature usage
  • • Making a good first Impression
  • • Long term customer satisfaction


    Businesses are embracing technology and taking a holistic approach to their products, services, operations, and market research in order to provide value to their consumers. Online users anticipate a variety of individualized experiences from your software application via digital interfaces that help them expedite activities and communicate solutions in a fully featured and comfortable environment. As a result, on a corporate level, we provide a wide range of solutions for all major industries that demand platforms such as eCommerce, CRM, ERP, GIS, MIS, AI/ML, and IoT. As a spiral cord to your software application, the scale of knowledge in the development process of Web, Mobile and IoT applications extend to all of the following key regions.

  • • Front End Development
  • • Back End Development
  • • API Development and Integration
  • • DevOps


    Most businesses' ability to absorb and respond to change is being overwhelmed by the current rate of change. Your entire organisation, from executives to delivery personnel, must embrace a culture of recognizing the marketplace and effectively adapting to change, regardless of whether you call it agile, responsive, or adaptive. Innovation, adaptability, personalisation, customisation, and quick reaction are all critical characteristics in the digital world. Our major equation while incorporating technology is to boost customer value speed/adaptability, resulting in increased ROI and efficiency for your business. By incorporating Digital Transformation into the fabric of organizational life, we can bridge the gap between technology and business entities with these core principles.

  • • Outcome-Oriented Strategy
  • • Enterprise Value-Based Prioritization
  • • Lightweight Planning and Governance
  • • Adaptive, Learning Culture
  • • Autonomous and self-sufficient Teams
  • • Transparency and Collaborative decision making


    We work closely with your business to ensure that the data requirements are properly understood and modelled, while designing information architecture for your software application. With our database modelling techniques, we first design the database by transforming conceptual data into a logical and internal model, then we set up the database infrastructure and continuously monitor its performance by inspecting key performance indicators such as response times, throughput rates, and storage space utilized. Finally, according to the predefined architecture, our software application development team connects each module and its specialized features to the database system, allowing businesses to run their apps and perform specific database actions. You can also use our interactive querying features to directly query the database for reporting purposes. We create platforms consisting of multiple interactive modules in a well-defined database management architecture to support many forms of data management related operations, such as querying and storage. We provide the following advantages to your software application with adequate database design and management solutions using a different types of database languages and innovative approaches.

  • • Data Independence
  • • Database Modeling
  • • Managing Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data
  • • Managing Data Redundancy  Specifying Integrity Rules  Concurrency Control


    We implement a well-defined software maintenance process that can be monitored and assessed, and thus improved. Furthermore, we adopt processes that enables the rapid transmission of effective work strategies. Our process-centric software maintenance is more of an engineering activity with predictable time and effort constraints. The following are the activities which shape our maintenance process:

  • • Maintenance process planning
  • • Problem and Modification analysis
  • • Modification and Updates
  • • Enhancing functionality for users
  • • Performance Improvements
  • • Database Maintenance
  • • Platform Migration and Environment Upgrades
  • • Testing and debugging  Configuration management
  • • Information & Quality Assurance


    We begin by finding a systemic problem in your codebase, exploring a better solution, and executing that solution in a strategic, disciplined manner, based on our thorough grasp of wide areas of a software application. To minimise risk and disturbance to our users, we are consistently mindful of how our refactoring activities fit within frequent deployment cycles. We are confident in our team's ability to lean toward action and start refactoring a system sooner with profound understanding all the moving parts, problems, and edge cases.We'll be able to successfully discover opportunities to improve components throughout the development process, and we'll continue to do so as the system becomes more complex and sophisticated, without having to spend as much time architecting a programme up front. Refactoring has a number of real benefits, the most important of which are better developer productivity and easier bug detection. There are also other potential benefits to reengineering your software systems, which are highlighted here.

  • • Identifying issues in your codebase in a systematic manner
  • • User Experience and Interface Design Refactoring
  • • Actively simplifying codes  Implementing shift in product requirements
  • • Improving the performance of systems and applications
  • • Database refactoring
  • • Transforming to a New Technology
  • • Refactoring systems in accordance with your deployment strategy
  • • Cleaning up Artifacts and Debugging
  • • Testing in a range of environments on a regular basis


    We are test addicts, and a cornerstone of the strategy we describe is the widespread use of continuous integration and continuous deployment as a means of testing both our application and our deployment process. In order to add value to our consumers it's important for us to get your software out as soon as possible, while maintaining a high degree of quality. So, to somewhat refine our goal, we want to create ways to offer high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, rapid, and dependable manner, ensuring that the rewards of our manpower reach your users quickly. Our Deployment Pipeline includes the following key areas that aid in the constant and continuous delivery of your software applications:

  • • Documentation and Auditing
  • • Configuration Management
  • • Implementing a Testing Strategy
  • • Automated Acceptance and Capacity Testing
  • • Manual Testing (Showcases and Exploratory Testing)
  • • Testing non functional requirements  Managing and Monitoring Infrastructure and Applications
  • • Hosting on Cloud Infrastructure
  • • Managing, Migrating, Testing and Rolling Back Data
  • Creating & Building, Stunning & Affordable Websites & Web Apps with interactive UI/UX & impactful solutions.

    Be it Native or Hybrid,we develop high-end mobile applications for any business medium to carry your product or service above all with the best Mobile Expericence.

    Get your Online-Mart ready for your business with our
    E-Commerce Applications to attract & captivate your users & multiply customers & revenue.

    We are specialized in the development of
    GIS Software Applications with comprehensive tools that Analyze, Report, Share & Distribute spatial data between people & systems.

    Manage your content securely & be Up To Date from anywhere in the world with our cms application & solutions to reach your customers on

    Control, Maintain & Manage your businees infrastructure with effective solutions, high productivity and good return on investment with our highly secured scada software.

    At SOURATRON we design, develop, deploy and maintain software applications for web, mobile, android and iot for your personal, professional and business needs.


    Web Applications

    Our WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT services at Souratron empower businesses, organizations, and professions with cutting-edge web platforms that enable access to a world of information and technology. We design for the digital age, enhancing customer value propositions and empowering businesses to capitalize on the capabilities of web applications.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • Angular JS
  • Vue.js
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • OpenCV
  • Mobile Applications

    The mobile technology revolution has captivated the IT and business worlds alike, offering new possibilities for reaching customers and redesigning processes. MOBILE APPLICATIONS have given birth to countless new businesses and products. At our company, we harness the power of Android and iOS platforms to build high-performance, device-specific, and interactive native mobile applications.


  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • X-Code
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Cross Platform & Hybrid Applications

    The mobile application landscape is in a transformative phase, with the rise of CROSS-PLATFORM APPLICATIONS designed to run on multiple mobile platforms. The popularity of these applications has surged due to their simplicity and fast development process. At our company, we leverage our advanced technological expertise to develop customized mobile applications that seamlessly run across multiple platforms, enabling businesses to keep up with the market pace


  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin


  • Design

  • Development

  • Digital

  • Database

  • Maintenance

  • Refactor

  • DevOps



    Web-based systems and technologies have become increasingly prevalent across a wide range of applications. Modern web technology is designed to support dynamic content, interactivity, and constant evolution.


    Mobile app development services have become essential for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in the digital world. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps provide a convenient way for customers to access products and services on-the-go.


    E-commerce platform development involves creating the backbone of a company's digital sales channel. It includes the creation of a storefront, back-end administration, and integration with other business systems such as analytics, databases, CRM, and marketing technologies.


    A CRM system facilitates the efficient management of customer life cycle events and offers crucial analytics for marketing, sales and service teams. Social CRM enhances customer experience and benefits the company through lead generation, marketing, reputation management and product management.


    ERP systems are business systems that integrate and streamline data from across the organization into a single, comprehensive system that meets the demands of the entire organization.


    IoT applications are rapidly transforming various industries by connecting devices, machines, and systems through the internet. IoT applications have revolutionized the way businesses operate, enabling real-time monitoring and enhanced decision-making capabilities.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the development of intelligent machines that can simulate human intelligence, including reasoning, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making, to perform various tasks.


    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have developed as a strong tool for tackling complex problems due to their ability to connect, visualise, and analyse geographic data across domains and specializations.


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