The Devilopers (conventionally called as "developer")

The masters behind the tricks that gives the best experiences that lasts forever. At Souratron,they play the major role in laying the foundation,building the framework, formulating the ideas and establishing the connections - The Devils are equipped with leading industrial expetise and are responsible for putting your digital presence at top,globally.


The UI/UX designers

The reason for you to stay on the website longer and leave later is handled by the UI/UX department. Crafting your vision that attracts your clients and audiences with beautful interfaces is the job of our designers.If you are impressed by our vision,your clients get impressed by your vision.


The Graphics Team

Without Compelling graphics and eye catching icons,your clients get confused and lost. Just like a picture which speaks thousand words an icon or a graphic conveys the whole context. The GG is responsible for the high-quality graphical content of your digital products, giving it a midas touch.


The effects (FX) Team

The team that creates the animations and visual effects for your brand.Taking your product or service to another dimension,grabs your client's attention and gives you an edge over the competition. As the technology is advancing,people are adapting to new era of user experiences.The FX transforms your content with smart features.